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Crack blunting mechanisms in polymers

crack blunting mechanisms in polymers

Sci., 27, 46 (1987).
B the thickness of specimen.
Fracture Toughness and Crack Growth Mechanism regarded as a modified blunting line.
The critical J-integral value measured by two methods exhibits error.The drawn material contracted to form many voids.Fracture surface v i e w for ABS: (A) c rack propa- g a t e d f r o m left t o right; IB) f r a c t u r e surface at higher mag n v i c a t ion.L the span during the testing.The critical J- integral value.8 kJ/m2 and.0 kJ/m2 for ABS-I and ABS-11 were determined respectively.The stress whitening or crazes for polymers have been studied by many (4, 5).Polymer engineering AND science, august 1989, Vol.As the applied load increases, the crack begins to propagate and the craze extends continuously.The phenomenon results in the crazes terminating abruptly near the surface.Fracture 14 (1978) R17.The shear deformation and craze growth mecha- nism under fatigue test condition have been dis- cussed (6, 7).The crack tip was elon- gated and oriented to form fibrils to retard crack extending.Ff J J1c yield stress.
This phenomenon i s shown in Fig.
It may be considered to be within the range of experimental error for the mul- tiple specimen resistance curve method.
Then the length of craze damage zone was measured.The J-integral values were plotted as a function of the crack growth, ha, which was measured by the dyeing method as shown in Figs.It may be that the blunting or drawing at the crack tip dissipates less energy and that crazes ahead of the crack tip dissipate more of the energy put into the material.Crack Blunting Mechanisms In Polymers / / Crack Blunting Mechanisms In Polymers.More to get instant updates about 'Crack Blunting Mechanisms In Polymers' on your.ABS is a multiphase polymer in which the crazes may easily be initiated before the crack initiation.

One reason is that these data are obtained from two groups of specimens respec- tively.